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Banarasi Bandhej

Natural by ingredients is a class in its own but when being woven naturally then what can outcast this duo? Bandhej originated from Sanskrit means “to bind, to tie”. Not a saree but an art form made by plucking cloth with the fingernails into numerous discrete bindings turning out into a figurative layout. Majorly practised in areas around Gujrat, Rajasthan, Sindh & Punjab region is an ingenuity & dexterity practised first as early as 4000 B.C back to the times of Indus Valley civilisation. The Purity is too massive that evidence of this delineation can be seen in the 6th-century paintings showcasing the life of Buddha excavated on the walls of Ajanta. Colours and its kind holds significant nitty-gritty of kinds of beliefs that wearing Red Bandhej brings good luck to a newly Wed’s life.