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Finest sarees from Banaras!

Vintage Banaras

Vintage banarasi sarees are genuinely the most prized ownership to any Indian lady. The sacred city Banaras or Varanasi has worldwide fame as the pioneer of these sarees. Banarasi sarees are hand made particularly in silk with brilliant yarn and it takes around 30 to 60 days and significantly more days to finish one. Ladies favor these stunning sarees to wear in unique events like weddings and gatherings. Rich hues and complicated weaving have made these sarees an ideal marriage clothing. Making a conventional Banarasi sarees are the result of relentless and capable work, utilizing handloom strategies. These extraordinary sarees have various assortments like Silk jangla banarasi, Pure silk Banarasi, Tissue jangla banarasi Silk saree and so on.

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