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Georgette Khaddi

Khaddi Georgette Banarasi Sarees: A modern take on traditional silk sarees.

The world changes and so do its trends but some things remain timeless- sarees being the greatest example. For centuries sarees have retained their position in Indian tradition and from the looks of it they are not going to stop being classy any time soon. This isn’t less than a blessing for most women-- for wearing a saree feels somewhat like a dream come true. Ever since childhood girls look forward to getting a chance to wear a saree, to be able to drape it by themselves and feel as graceful as their mothers look in a saree. Sarees have witnessed many eras and with a new age come new styles that have given birth to various kinds of sarees.  Georgette sarees have always been in fashion but are a somewhat new addition to the family of sarees for they became well known in the previous century. Georgette sarees resemble crepe silk because they are made from the same yarn but with a twist. Georgette sarees are best worn throughout the year, under any circumstances. There exist many types of georgette sarees, although Khaddi georgette banarasi sarees have garnered the most attention and appreciation. Khaddi Georgette banarasi sarees are considered to be a game-changer for georgette sarees and for good reason. Find out more about the specialty of Banarasi georgette sarees below –

What are Khaddi Georgette Banarasi Sarees?

Banarasi Georgette sarees are in great demand all year round but during the festive season they catch the most eyes. They are made using vividly coloured threads and adorned with dazzling zari. The Khaddi georgette banarasi sarees are weaved with precision and have the blessings of gods entwined in them, for they originate in the city of Varanasi, famous for its spiritual significance, and cultural heritage. Banarasi georgette sarees are more than a piece of fabric – they are the artwork of craftsmen who have devoted their lives to perfect each saree, and have always stuck to the traditional weaving techniques to achieve best results. It takes such immaculate hard work because they are hand-crafted. This explains why Banarasi georgette sarees are often said to be the epitome of excellent craftsmanship. The rich heritage and culture of Banaras is evident in these beautiful drapes and their magnificent motifs. Don’t mistake Khaddi georgette banarasi sarees to be old-fashioned though, for they are a well liked modern option and are the most sought-after kind of georgette sarees. The fine woven fabric is lightweight and easy to style. Khaddi Georgette banarasi sarees have a modest and effortless feel to them, but are gorgeous nonetheless. Khaddi Georgette banarasi sarees are a creative incarnation of traditional banarasi silk, for they employ the old techniques but portray new age motifs. Styles from the past have been incorporated in such a manner that they represent a classy yet contemporary look. Khaddi Georgette banarasi sarees aren’t as crinkly as pure silk and are the perfect choice for someone who has just started wearing sarees because of the ease with which they can be carried. Their lightweight allows banarasi georgette sarees to be embellished with embroidery and adornment. The cutwork technique is employed in their making.

Why buy Khaddi Georgette Banarasi Sarees?

If you are hoping to up your dressing game and are willing to give a try to something new, banarasi georgette silk sarees are the ones for you. These sarees are lighter than silk, are very easy to carry, and are extremely soft; for anyone who is new to wearing sarees, banarasi georgette silk sarees are the perfect ones to start with. Banarasi georgette silk sarees not only adhere to the traditions but at the same time they are fashionable and will make you stand out from the crowd. Pure Khaddi georgette banarasi sarees have an edge over other drapes, as they execute an air of cultural heritage with a hint of the latest fashions which means you can never go wrong when you wear these sarees. The elegance of these sarees contributes to their charm and makes them ideal to be worn at ceremonies. Khaddi Georgette banarasi sarees aren’t just graceful when draped, they also enhance your figure and make you look slimmer.  For years they have been a part of family traditions and are passed on from one generation to the other as an heirloom. If you don’t already own pure georgette banarasi sarees, your wardrobe is missing out on a lot.

Types of Khaddi Georgette Banarasi Sarees

If you have made up your mind about buying pure georgette banarasi sarees, you must know about all the options that are available for you to buy from. You can shop for a wide range of georgette banarasi sarees online or offline, some of the most recommended ones have been mentioned below - 


Thread Work

Thread work has been used to beautify sarees for ages. Intricate designs are woven into the saree under this technique. Thread embroidery has recently gained popularity and is employed to decorate the borders of georgette banarasi silk sarees. The use of multi-coloured threads ensures that these sarees maintain simplicity, elegance and never get boring.


The typical banarasi georgette silk sarees integrate self-border. The border of these sarees are designed in a monotonous fashion, as the colour of the border similar to the shade of the body. The border of a banarasi georgette saree mimics the design of its pallu. Wearing a self-border banarasi georgette saree makes you feel as if you are one of the royals of the kingship ages.

Zari Work

Zari work banarasi georgette silk sarees are an ideal festive wear outfit. They incorporate finely woven borders made of rich gold and silver pure zari and well-illustrated patterns. They are lustrous enough to remain unique. Georgette banarasi sarees have a rich fabric, and when worn– their majestic design makes you feel no less than a royalty.

Contrast Border

As the name suggests, the colour of the border of these Khaddi georgette banarasi sarees is in contrast with the colour of its body. Contrast border sarees have recently become trendy and are a new fan favorite due to their cheerful colours. These sarees remain chic by not forgetting the banarasi silk saree tradition of incorporating banarasi motifs and contrasting colours.

Where to buy Khaddi Georgette Banarasi Sarees?

Banarasi georgette silk sarees are one of the classiest sarees to exist and deserve a place in your closet. Affordability makes them easily available; you can find Khaddi banarasi georgette sarees both online and offline, but the best place to shop for exclusive and pure Khaddi georgette banarasi sarees online, is sacredweaves.com. Sacred Weaves promises genuineness so you can buy pure georgette banarasi sarees online without free of all tension and hesitation. These high-quality sarees don’t burn a hole in your pocket and last for a long time due to their anti-wrinkle characteristics. Most of the shops don’t have an in-depth collection of designs, patterns, and colour matching, in comparison to the multitude of banarasi sarees of vivid hues offered by Sacred Weaves. The authenticity of all the georgette banarasi sarees online might not be guaranteed, however sacred weaves is a site to be trusted; based in Varanasi, sacred weaves has been in business for years and employs master craftsmen so that each saree is uniquely handmade and beautifully legitimate– making it the one stop platform for you to fulfil all your saree needs. You won’t ever have to waste your time outdoor shopping for sarees once you come face to face with their exquisite collection of georgette banarasi sarees online.