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Georgette Khaddi

Banarasi Georgette Khaddi

Georgette Khaddi Saree is customary to wear with class. Banarasi Georgette Khaddi is a festive wear collection by Sacred Weaves. This alluring fabric has talks around the globe about its lightweight, softness and flowy feel. Banarasi Georgette Khaddi is an amalgamation of Indian heritage craftsmanship with rich use of zari and it’s fascinating colors. This splendid woven masterpiece is made of the finest cutwork technique of Banaras. 

Georgette Khaddi saree at Sacred Weaves

Sacred Weaves is one of the most loved and leading e-commerce store that deals in Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees. Having a wide range of pure handwoven silk saree, it assures the quality and the delivery to it’s clients from worldwide.